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New Bruker TRACER 5i Handheld XRF Analyzer


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Bruker TRACER 5i Handheld XRF Analyzer

Bruker TRACER 5i Handheld XRF Analyzer is a handheld, portable spectrometer ideal for elemental analysis in the field and in laboratory-like settings. Specifically designed for methods development, research and complex material analysis, the TRACER 5i detects elements from Sodium to Uranium and analyzes elements from Magnesium to Uranium.

Latest Technology for Advanced Materials Applications

Advanced material, art and archeology users have long seen the TRACER 5i as unique in its ability to provide elemental information regarding objects which require authentication and conservation.

The TRACER 5i features a 8 μm beryllium detector window, an integrated touchscreen display, 50kV X-ray tube, SharpBeam™ front end geometry (for maximizing count rate and light elemental sensitivity), large area silicon drift detector (SDD) with CUBE™ technology (maximizes count rate and light element sensitivity), selectable spot sizes (including 3 and 8 mm collimators) and is capable of operating in air, helium or vacuum environments.

Integrated Camera

The TRACER 5i offers an internal VGA CCD camera with adjustable lighting with the ability to store up to 5 photos per assay.


The TRACER 5i offers Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB connectivity. Data can be stored on a thumb drive and transferred to PC as needed.


Each TRACER 5i ships with ARTAX™ software for advanced XRF spectral analysis and also allows for the handling of large data sets and remote control of the instrument. EasyCal™ software is also included for off-line user-created single phase/beam empirical calibrations.



  • Art Conservation & Authentication – Evaluate pigments & objects for authentication, dating & understand previous conservation. Also used for determining authenticity, fabrication details and finding non-original material.
  • Exploratory Geology – Analyze Geochemistry including ores, cores, drill cuttings, soil and sediment
  • Archeological Studies – Sourcing of obsidian, lithic and ceramics in addition to determining authenticity, proper conservation, and toxic materials analysis.
  • Food Safety – Quality analysis or raw or finished product, hazardous analysis, foreign body identification and fortificants.
  • Plant & Soil Health – Quality analysis of fertilizers/nutrients and heavy metals analysis
  • Material Science and Research – Across disciplines including chemistry, physics, agronomy, geology, and biology.
  • Education – In labs or field use including qualitative and quantitative analysis.
  • Other Applications – Analyzing alloys, precious metals and environmental assessments.

Features :


  • 8 μm Beryllium


  • Maximizes count rate
  • Increases light element sensitivity
  • Well defined measurement spot
  • Minimizes detection of X-ray scatter


  • Air
  • Vacuum
  • Helium


  • CUBETM preamplifier
  • High count rate capability
  • Resolution <140 eV at 250,000 cps
  • Increased sensitivity


  • Five position filter wheel
  • User designed manual filter


  • 3 mm for small spot analysis
  • 8 mm for maximum counts


  • Shows exactly where measurement occurs
  • Up to 5 images of sample at the measurement point


  • Provides easy mounting point


  • Both on instrument display and PC
  • Provides instant feedback


  • Well defined measurement spot
  • Minimizes detection of X-ray scatter


  • Wireless Wi-Fi
  • Wired USB


  • Achieves maximum sensitivity for elements of interest


Specs :

DetectorProprietary 20mm2 silicon drift detector with < 140 eV @ 250,000 cps Mn Kα;resolution for optimum light element analysis.
Detector window8 μm Beryllium1 μm Graphene
Dimensions 27.3 cm x 9.4 cm x 29.5 cm (10.75 in x 3.7 in x 11.6 in) L x W x H
Weight  1.9 kg (4.1 lbs) with battery or 1.6 kg (3.6 lbs) without battery.
Power Li-Ion battery and charger; AC adapter.
Excitation source Rhodium (Rh) thin window X-ray tube; X-ray generator 6-50 kV with 4.5-195 uA, maximum 4 Watt output.Operator adjustable current and voltage for optimum excitation.
Collimation User changeable collimator; 3 mm and 8 mm collimators supplied.
Filters  Operator controlled, motorized 5 position primary beam filter wheel.
Manual insertion filter/secondary target slot for factory or user made filters.
GeometryFeatures patented SharpBeam™ beam path for best performance at low power.
Beam pathCapable of selectable beam path of vacuum, helium or air to detect elements as light as Fluorine (F) to as heavy as uranium (U).
Internal cameraInternal VGA CMOS camera with ability to store up to 5 photos per assay.
Interactive touchscreenHigh performance and contrast daylight visible TFT LCD 9.4 cm (3.7”) color touchscreen display.
ConvenienceTrueTouch trigger switch, relaxed ambidextrous hand grip strap and EasyAccess rail mount for accessories.
Control softwareFull control OS on analyzer and on PC software.
Analysis softwareControl of all excitation parameters and live spectra displayed on analyzer.
Live spectra and qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative analysis on Windows® 7 or 10 PC.
Data storage & data transferDirect storage on Thumb Drive. Data transfer to PC via USB or Wi-Fi. Bluetooth connectivity for accessories.
System safetyPassword protection; Sample proximity sensor; Low count rate (backscatter) shutoff
LanguagesChinese, Chinese simplified, Dutch, English, French, French Canadian, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, PortugueseBR, Russian, SpanishMEX, SpanishSPN, Thai, Turkish
Operating environment-10°C to 50°C ( 14°F to 122°F); IP54 dust and splash resistant; Altitude: ≤ 2,500 m (8,200 ft)
Certification CE, FCC part 15



  • Bruker TRACER 5i 4W Portable Handheld XRF Analyzer
  • Manual filter kit: Blue and empty (for user-based filter) filter holder, hex wrench, mini PELICAN™ case
  • Internal VGA CCD camera with adjustable lighting and ability to store up to 5 photos per assay
  • Proximity safety sensor
  • Wi-Fi to PC, Bluetooth connectivity and USB port; portable router, USB cable and memory stick
  • EasyAccess™ Rail for use of optional Tripod, Smartphone mount or universal accessory mount
  • Relaxed Grip Strap™ for comfort/security
  • Precious Metals Single Phase Calibration; calibrated in air with 8 mm collimation.
  • Bruker Instrument Toolbox (BIT) software package for reporting, qualitative spectral analysis, live spectrum functionality and remote instrument control.
  • ARTAX™ software for advanced XRF spectral analysis with remote control of instrument and capability for large data sets
  • EasyCal™ software for off-line user created single phase/beam empirical calibrations
  • Two (2) high performance Li-Ion batteries with smart charger
  • 5 spare clear windows and 5 spare vacuum gridded windows
  • Carry-on shipping case with custom foam and wheels
  • 1 year warranty
  • Availability:19 In Stock
  • Model:TRACER 5i
  • Brand: BRUKER

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