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Used SKF TKSA 80 Laser Shaft Alignment Tool


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SKF TKSA 80 It is known that, for effective machinery alignment efforts, measurements represent only 5% of the process. Best practices in the alignment process itself are critical, and craftspeople often experience difficulties caused by omitting important alignment steps. The TKSA 80 system provides a complete built-in alignment process that properly advances users through the alignment effort, resulting in both improved alignment results and increased machinery alignment knowledge. The TKSA 80’s alignment process advances users from preparation and evaluation through correction, and finally to reporting of alignment results.

SKF TKSA 80 In addition, the system offers a unique database that stores machine alignment setup data for future use, saving valuable time. And, with its seven inch screen, the TKSA 80 can accommodate large machine train alignment jobs.

Standard features

  • Seven inch colored screen with touchscreen and keypad
  • Rugged design for use in harsh environments – 1.2 meter (3.9 feet) drop test to MIL-STD-810F
  • Built-in wireless technology
  • “Swap view” – enables graphics to be swapped from one side of the machine to the other to accommodate the user’s position
  • Full template database
  • Energy efficiency indicator
  • Horizontal and vertical alignment
  • Large machine train alignment

Built-in pre-defined alignment process

The TKSA 80 integrates a pre-defined alignment process into a portable instrument. It provides users with step-by-step instructions on how to perform alignment in the most effective and efficient sequence.


  • The right tools and materials at the right place at the right time – The system reminds users of the correct tools and materials to use, before carrying out the alignment job.
  • Database and fast template – The instrument offers an extensive database where a wide range of machinery and alignment relevant information can be stored. Based on information in this database, specific templates can be created for each machine, for re-use during future alignment activities.


  • Soft foot check – The system gives users the choice to find, correct and record soft foot conditions by either laser or by feeler gauges.
  • Visual inspection – Inspection fields are provided for oil level, leakages, foundation bolt status and wear indications, etc.
  • Horizontal and vertical shaft alignment –  Measurements are performed at any of three positions, with a shaft rotation of as little as 40 degrees.
  • Machines train – Align three machines in a line (accommodates multiple machine train alignment).
  • Run-out check – The system reminds users to perform a simple measurement that discovers bent shafts.


  • The system assists users to compare inspection results with the information saved in the fast template so as to identify and prioritize corrective actions.


  • Real-time correction – The system displays the live actual value and direction for accurate
    misalignment correction.


  • Results in graphical format – The results are shown in graphical format and the file can be
    easily copied and pasted into documents on a PC.
  • The results show the machine conditions “as-found” and “as-corrected”. Desired tolerances are also displayed.
  • Energy efficiency – The system reports estimated extra energy consumption due to misalignment.


  • Alignment reports are recorded in the system, which helps users periodically compare the alignment history and monitor the machine’s health trend.

Additional Features

  • Intuitive: Animated graphical interface on a 4 inch back-lit screen and alphanumeric key functions simplify the whole process
  • Alignment actions displayed: Clear “real– time” coupling and feet values, given during the alignment process, makes alignment corrections quick and easy
  • Built-in alignment recommendation: Pre and user definable tolerance tables greatly simplify assessment of the alignment
  • Alignment data sharing: Alignment settings and results can be stored to the internal memory and downloaded via USB cable to a PC. Files are easily shared with others without the need of special software.
  • Soft foot check: “Soft foot” function helps check if the machine is standing evenly on all feet; an essential check for good shaft alignment
  • Easy pre–alignment: For machines that are grossly misaligned, the laser lines and scales enable rapid pre–alignment
  • Fast measuring unit positioning: Measuring units are positioned fast and easy, by using the built-in spirit levels
  • Global use: Language free menus and user selectable measurement units (mm or inch) facilitate use globally
  • Easy for all users: A quick start guide and intuitive menus allows virtually any technician to quickly be familiar with the process. Full multi-lingual instructions are supplied on a CD

Laser Sensor Measuring Heads

Each measuring head emits a laser line, which is projected onto the detector of the other unit.

  • The measuring units are fitted with mechanical brackets for attachment to the shafts, but can also be attached using chains.
  • Both measuring units emit a laser line, which is projected on the position sensor detector and a line scale on the outer unit.
  • The measuring units are also equipped with spirit level, which allows easy positioning in the 9, 12, and 3 o’clock positions.

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